this sinfulness in me and God’s steadfast grace


Read Psalm 51

The psalm is about a sinner’s plea for God’s restoration.

One of the pitfalls for believers to be stumbled by sin especially the so called life- dominating sin is the neglect of God’s truths. We are prone to assume that we are okay and we don’t always need God’s word nor examine our lives with it not until we see ourselves already entangled with sins.

This is what happened to David when he fell for Bathsheba, letting his guards down he committed adultery, murder, conspiracy among others. His heart was already darkened and his mind clouded that he was not able to see that such heinous sins were already present in his life, thus there was a need for prophet Nathan to expose these things to him.

Are we not like David? Except that our adultery or murder is not outward but happens in the heart when we lust or when we slander, and like David, we tend to cover up and probably evade any confrontation by God or by the people God uses.

Despite this situation, whether you are into it right now or have already been freed from it, one thing is for sure, from which we could hope for, God’s grace never runs out even for dreadful sinners. This psalm and David’s life are testimonies of God’s steadfast grace.

Here David acknowledges man’s innate sinfulness (v.5) and how we offend God every time we fall short from His standard of holiness, and how often do we fall short? Nonetheless, David acknowledges too that God is the One able to cleanse him and take away his sins (v.7).

Through the Lord Jesus Christ we were cleansed when we have put our faith on him for our salvation. Isaiah 1:16 to 18, “Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool.

Yes, like David our sins have consequences, like the guilt, shame among others as described in the passage as crushing of the bones and the absence of joy. Although the consequences may be life- long in effect, these are not eternal.

Psalm 103 starting from verse 8, The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love. He will not always accuse nor will he harbor his anger forever, he does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities.

We deserve no less than hell for all our wrongdoings but out of God’s grace He spared us from eternal hell and if we suffer because of our sins it is because He disciplines us as part of our sanctification so that we could live lives pleasing to Him.

David knew that all his sinful actions emanated or started from the condition of his heart thus he prayed for a pure heart and that God would allow him to persevere in the faith. (v.10-12)

True Christians were already delivered from the power of sin only through the Lord Jesus Christ without our help, without any other requirement or effort from us, hence our passage here reminds us that the Lord does not ask us to sacrifice, such as do more ministries, give out our properties, read the whole bible and so on so as to repay for our sins rather we ought to be true to God. By opening our all to Him, with all its brokenness and or callousness and eventually when faced with God’s love, will result in a contrite heart.

If you have already been from this episode of your journey with God surely you have all the reasons to worship God and tell of how he delivered you, but if you are yet to be restored by God, you also have all the reasons to worship him as you put your hope in Him alone.

The God David holds on to in this part of his life will do the same to you, because He is gracious, merciful and abounding in love. Let us all offer our broken spirits and contrite hearts to Him.






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